A Perfect Guide to Styling Your Curtain the Royal Way

While creating or renovating Home the most important thing we look after it is to give it a feel of home and make it the most beautiful place for the family, for you and for everyone who visit there. We research on numerous things like colors, designs, materials to the furnishing and decorating but there’s one thing that we don’t focus much on and often forget about it and that’s Curtains! Curtains add a lot to your home and make it more beautiful and as it’s so important it’s not easy to decide on the perfect curtain and the styling of curtain for your home. Here’s a perfect guide to buying and styling curtains.

The Location

You make a decision about the location like for which place you want to buy the curtain, is it for the windows, long doors, shower, for division or for office or living room or bedroom. The complete guide of choosing and styling the curtain will depend on the location.

Focus on the Material

Luxury, Comfort, Royalty everything about the product depend on the material of the product. The fabric matters, the texture matters as well as the impact and vibe of the material matter. While buying the curtains you need to be sure about the material you want to opt for. There are different kinds of materials available for curtains like cotton, silk, net, threads and a few more. The selection of the material will depend on the placement and usage of the curtain, what do you want your curtain to do – do you want to beautiful the place with curtain or want it stop the sunlight or make the place cozy or give any kind of impact? Decide on the requirements for the curtains and choose the material wisely, remember there’s no scope of going wrong in the selection of the material.

Decisions about the Color and Design

The color and design is going to decide the styling of the curtain, the look the curtain could give and how it can add beauty to your room. Go with the colors and designs that would match your interiors as well as your mood and feel. You can opt for warm colors, royal colors, textured colors or multi colors curtains! You can decide if you want your curtains to be plain or have unique designs or want to go ahead with nature, cultural or traditional way. Choose what you love and what your house need!

Get the Curtain Rods

Once you decide on the material, color and design, find the perfect curtain rod! You might be thinking how does curtain rod makes a difference? Well curtain rods play an unavoidable role in giving the final touch to your curtain; you might think that the rod will be mostly covered but the curtain rods never hide! Curtain rods will not only decide how your Curtain will be held or tied up but will also look after beautifying the curtains! A beautiful curtain matched with wrong type of rod can mess up a lot. There are different types of rods available – the brass one, the wood one, the copper color and a few more. Imagine how your curtains would look when paired with the perfect rods and make a decision.

Hooks and Finials

­­You may or may not need hooks depending on the type of curtain you have selected. But if you need match the hooks with your curtain colors, you can choose the similar kind or a complete contrasting one!

Finials – the ends of the rods matters, take it as like wrapping the gift with perfection, finials give that touch to your curtains. Want to style your curtain in a royal way, get the royal finials and make it perfect.

Curtain Tie-backs

There will be days and times when you wouldn’t want your curtains to be open, you might want to get the sunlight or just look around or get the outside feel in such cases you will have to tie your curtains, doing that is an art. When you do it in the most simplest and elegant way even the closed curtains give the perfect styling your room! Tie-back are important because if you go with the right type and pattern, it will not only hold your curtain well but will also beautify the tied curtains.

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