The FESTIVE SEASON is just around the corner and it’s time to get yourself and your home ready for the celebration.

Diwali is almost here and we are all stuck with shopping, food, cleaning and getting everything ready for the celebrations. This can get really tiring, and overwhelming; here we have a guide to relieve this stress and make your home look perfect during the festive seasons.


  1. Keep it Simple

We often focus on doing something trendy, unique or something out of the box during Diwali but this time you can opt to choose simplicity and add a little bit of creativeness with it. Instead of getting the heavy home décor stuff, choose flowers, wall papers/wall stickers. You can use real flowers for the decorations or something artificial.

Instead of getting or re-arranging the furniture; opt for changing the covers or decorating the center table with lights, flowers or just with decorative cloth and unique food décor.


  1. Spend on Crockeries and Food

We often tend to spend on big items, furniture, painting or buying unique things but remember food is something that everyone remembers; this festive season focus on getting unique or creative with making food items or decorating the food plates. Spend on crockeries – unique plates, glasses can create a great impression and a beautiful memory.


  1. Add Colors

Try incorporating warm colors or colourful items in your décor; be it sofa covers or flower decoration or lights or diyas. Adding colors will make your home look beautiful and welcome. Don’t use colors that will hit your eyes; use soothing and warm colors; and colors that match your interiors and mood.


  1. Touch of Tradition

Festival without traditional things is incomplete; no matter how modern we get, traditions are always going to stay there; this Diwali try to bring in the touch of tradition to your Home. A beautiful rangoli at the entrance; using the traditional torans on the doors, lighting up the house with Diyas – all these will make the festive season more memorable and your home look beautiful.


This Diwali, don’t overstress yourself, keep it simple, beautiful and traditional.