We spend more than 25 years of our life in sleeping. A perfect sleep let’s a human feel happy and work well. Thus it’s really important to sleep peacefully and happily – at the end sleeping makes you ready for the next day; better sleep, better life.

What makes sleep a happy place – a perfect bedding experience! The perfect mattress, cozy comforter, soft pillows and a beautiful environment. These all are important factors but there’s one thing that makes bed a happy place and the sleeper the happiest person and that is bedsheets!

Unarguably Bedsheets are unavoidable!

Bedsheets are important and usually when we ask about the type of bedsheets you want to buy majority of the people would say a cotton bedsheet, comfortable and good looking but here’s a factor that must to be looked at before buying bedsheet and that’s THREAD COUNT!

THREAD COUNT decided the kind of feel your bedsheet would give.

What is Thread Count?

Thread Count is a number of the threads woven in a single square inch of fabric. It includes both horizontal and vertical count of the weave. More number of thread counts makes the fabric softer and durable. Thread Count is calculated by the total number of threads in every single inch of the bedsheet.

Now, the questions are what will be the perfect thread count for the Bedsheets? What should be the minimum thread count? What if the thread count is low? Here’s a perfect guide to help you buy the perfect and luxurious bedsheets for your home.

The average thread count for the bed sheets should be 150. If the thread count is below 150 than the fabric won’t be soft, it will shrink and won’t last for long.  The low thread count below won’t feel nice to sleep on.

The quality bedsheets have thread counts ranging from 200 to 600.

A bedsheet with the thread count of 200 is good to sleep and makes the fabric comfortable.

If you are looking for the sheets used in hotels or suites, go for thread count ranging from 250 – 350. The thread count will make the fabric softer, more breathable and durable.

If you are looking for a luxurious bedsheet for your Home than 300-600 is great. The 300 thread count makes the fabric really soft, comfortable and cozy.

Technically higher thread count gives better comfort and durability. The price of the product will change depending on the thread count.

There are brands who offer 1000 thread counts sheets as well but those will depend on the threads are knitted, how does affect the material – does it make the material heavy and a lot of other factors. The thread counts higher than 600 won’t make a huge difference to the feel and durability of the bedsheet.

For a regular use and comfortable feel any bedsheet ranging in 200 to 600 is good.

There are other factors type of weaves and type of fabric which affects the feel of the thread count. So while buying bedsheets, it’s really important to look at the types of weaves used in the fabric.

Here’s a guide for higher quality of bedsheets for different kind of fabrics.

Cotton: 200-400

Egyptian Cotton: 300-400

Percale Weave: 200-400

Sateen Weave: 300-600

Bamboo: 300-500

Linen: 80-140. 

Materials like silk, microfiber, flannel and jersey not measured using thread count.

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