According to the stats, a person spends One third of the life sleeping! Sleep is the best medicine and a remedy for all the problems! Sleep helps a person in getting relaxed, to start afresh and to dream. “Sleep is the best meditation” and “Sleep is the best solution”. Sleep boosts mental health, improves physical well-being, immunity and staying fit.

It’s often observed that the performance tendency of the person gets low if he hasn’t slept well.

But what matters the most is Sleeping peacefully and comfortably! At times the thoughts, the work load, the problems pulls a person from sleeping and thus one needs the perfect bed to fell asleep! Perfect bedding is the best luxury a human could have; it could take you to the enchanting world of dreams and make you work harder to achieve those dreams.

BEDDING might seem like an easy deal but it’s definitely not! Selecting the right product for your bedding is a difficult task! A product that’s beautiful, comfortable, cozy and makes you feel awesome. Bedding includes a lot of things but it’s time to focus on the one thing we don’t take seriously and that’s bedsheets! People often look for comfortable mattress, pillows, beds but miss out on the Bedsheets!

Have you ever realize bedsheets add the final touch to your bed and is the closest thing you feel while being asleep? Even when people buy bedsheets they highly focus on thread counts, it is indeed one of the most important factor while buying bedsheets but there’s one more thing equally important and that’s the ‘type of weaves’ used in Bedsheets.

There must be a lot of questions popping up in the mind like what are the types of weaves, what’s the difference, which is the best; we have an answer for all.

Let’s know all about the types of weaves!
Weaves is a particular style or manner in which something is woven.


Sateen is a fabric made using a satin weave structure, it is made with one thread under and four threads over and this helps in making the fabric feel like silk. This is made of very fine yarn and generally has a high thread count!

Sateen bedsheets are heavier and has a glossy finishing. This could be your go to bedsheets for winter as it will help you feel cozy.


Luxurious | Good for Winters | Feels like Silk| Glossy Finishing



Peracle is plain weave, usually has 100% cotton fabric or 50-50 cotton and poly fabric. Peracle weaves are made superior quality cotton woven tightly in criss-cross pattern and a similar thread count on both the sides. The bedsheet has a smooth and soft finishing; lends coolness to the fabric and the strongest of basic weaves.  The coolness can help you have a great good night sleep during hot summer nights.


Strongest Weave | Simple Look| Best for Summer Nights


Flannel Weaves makes the fabric soft, fussy and warm! This are made with cotton fibres are finely brushed to loose top fibres. Flannel sheets are woven with a nap which helps giving a warm feeling at night. Some even feel that the fabric creates more friction between the person and the sheets which at times feels uncomfortable. The sheets may not give a glossy or shiny finishing.

Soft and Warm | Thick and Heavy in Weight



Twill weaves has diagonal parallel lines, has two threads over one and has a ribbed pattern! They are strong, durable, drapes well, and feels warm and fluffy. This bedsheets are softer as compared to the other ones and is best used during winters.

 Fluffy and Warm | Pliant and Durable


Jersey Knit

Jersey weaves includes a knit fabric and not woven. The material is stretchy, wrinkle-free, wick away moisture and feels like a soft T-shirt. This will help you feel cool and comfy in hot weather.

Wick away Moisture | Soft Material



 You can choose the bedsheets as per the weather and as per your requirements!  Remember “Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury” – go with the sheet that would make your feel comfortable and happy!

“Happiness consists of getting enough sleep. Just that, nothing more.” — Robert A. Heinlein


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